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Vintage Beads

Well it's been awhile since I posted.  Been busy trying to set up a new venture online.  So are you wondering what this necklace is?  I went to a bead show last month close to my home town and there was a big wholesaler - I cant' remember their name now, I have their biz card somewhere with my big stack of jewelry wholesaler business cards; it was their first time show in California, they are based in Dallas, TX.  They had an assortment of all kinds of stuff, I mean nice items.

So they tell me they have recreated vintage items from the same manufacturer that produces accessories for Chanel, Dior  and other big name designers, for instance the chains Chanel is known for.  They had a whole wall of chains in variety of metals and colors and sizes, unusual pins, lacquered beads, stones, etc. and I can't even tell you what other things they had because it wasn't just beads.  Unfortunately they're not online; they have such a variety of items it would take a lot of work to photograph and load the stuff online.

I fell in love with these large beads - they are wood-threaded beads - I've never seen them in this size before.  They had a big box under the table and I just rummaged through it and thought this red and black one was classy looking.  The wood is solid but light in weight.  Boy, now I wished I bought a whole lot more from them.  I wanted to use my shopping money with the other sellers in the show.  My other favorite wholesaler is "Realm of the Goddess" - they are based in LA and beautiful pricey items; they are online - check 'em out.

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