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Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets...

Are bracelets a really big trend now?  Or maybe I'm seeing a lot more online since I'm on an addiction on making bracelets at the moment, and just looking at what is out there, which I'm seeing a lot more variety of style.  Leather is a big trend now.  I'm still working on my own leather/gemstone design.  That will be my next post.

Bracelets are so much more versatile than a necklace because you can wear them more often with a lot of your outfits.  I'm on a multi-layer/multi-strand/wrap around style bracelet mood lately as you can see.  Well, actually some of these started out as necklaces, then with a little tweak turned them into wrap-around bracelets.

Stretch bracelets are easy to make, but I really prefer stringing or beading then finishing with a very interesting toggle.  For you toggle haters out there, it really makes a bracelet look a lot fancier and you just need to get used to using a toggle - it's gets easier.  It adds a lot more personality to a bracelet...it's a pendant for the bracelet.  Sometimes the toggle itself costs more than the stones.  For gold toggles, I like to use 'gold vermeil' which has a thicker gold layer over silver.  I can't wait to list them on my etsy/bonanza store, I really need to up my inventory so I get more exposure online.  Hey...I was surprised to see my items on 'bing.com' while I was searching on bracelets!

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