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Crystallized - Blinged - Bejeweled

 If you look at my Etsy jewelry, you can tell I like crystals, especially swarovski crystals.  So naturally I did some "crystallizing/blinging" like my iPod nano below.  I got a rubber cover on it first then painstakingly put the matching color crystals one by one with some crystal/gem glue and using an eyebrow tweezer.  Boy...doing this was hard on the eyes and hands - since I'm using small crystals - but I do love the results - anything you put crystals on makes it look like a MILLION BUCKS!  You see a lot of celebrities with their "blinged" accessories like their cellphones, laptops, etc.  I also started on pair of flip flops, but have not finished it yet - not sure when I want to get back into it.  I thought I would add something like these to my Etsy shop, but have not pursued this further as this is a very tedious job and hard on my eyes.  I can truly understand now why these crystallized sandals are so expensive online because of the work involved.  The crystallized pen below is not one I did -  and will not intend to do - it's beautiful though.     

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