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Blogging Earrings on 4th of July

The reason I am inside on this 4th of July is because it is sooooo hot (mid-90s) right now - staying cool in my little corner and making beautiful earrings.

So, I have this order from a co-worker for the set of earrings I was wearing and she wanted a pair exactly like it.  Going through my swarovski crystal inventory and realized I have a pretty good supply and so I decided to make a variation of these earrings.  I also re-discovered my first bizcard, as you can see from this picture above, and decided the best way to show off dangling earrings (which I believe are back on trend) is this way.  I've also chatted with one local small boutique owner in town if she would sell my creations at her very cute store.  I actually have not shown her these earrings, I showed her one of my swarovski bracelet watches, which will complement these earrings.  The boutique owner would get 30% of the sale price (sounded reasonable to me).  Before I do this, I should also check out the other boutiques first - you want to make sure what they are selling also complements your jewelries or vice-versa.  By the way, these little boutiques I'm talking about are mostly selling high-end/small, highly-known designers clothings, etc. - stuff I can't afford myself - not now, anyway - I need to sell plenty of my gems first...

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