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Merry Christmas...

(Nativity scene at the Radio City Music Hall, NY)

Just want to say Merry Christmas to all and wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and joyful Christmas!


Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets...

Are bracelets a really big trend now?  Or maybe I'm seeing a lot more online since I'm on an addiction on making bracelets at the moment, and just looking at what is out there, which I'm seeing a lot more variety of style.  Leather is a big trend now.  I'm still working on my own leather/gemstone design.  That will be my next post.

Bracelets are so much more versatile than a necklace because you can wear them more often with a lot of your outfits.  I'm on a multi-layer/multi-strand/wrap around style bracelet mood lately as you can see.  Well, actually some of these started out as necklaces, then with a little tweak turned them into wrap-around bracelets.

Stretch bracelets are easy to make, but I really prefer stringing or beading then finishing with a very interesting toggle.  For you toggle haters out there, it really makes a bracelet look a lot fancier and you just need to get used to using a toggle - it's gets easier.  It adds a lot more personality to a bracelet...it's a pendant for the bracelet.  Sometimes the toggle itself costs more than the stones.  For gold toggles, I like to use 'gold vermeil' which has a thicker gold layer over silver.  I can't wait to list them on my etsy/bonanza store, I really need to up my inventory so I get more exposure online.  Hey...I was surprised to see my items on 'bing.com' while I was searching on bracelets!


Twin Towers Memory / Windows on the World

Wow, the 9/11 memorial waterfalls are beautiful.  They say they are a symbol of "never-ending tears flowing".  I think they are a beautifully designed tribute to those who died and for the families.

Got me thinking of my own personal experience with the Twin Towers.  My long-time boyfriend and I regularly took trips to NY city on Christmas time and follow up the trip to his family in upstate NY.  In our trip in Dec. 2000, I pressured my BF that we should check out the Twin Towers (there was a restaurant, I believe on the 106th floor, Windows of the World).  He didn't really want to go because we were staying on the upper side of the city and it would take a while to get there.  I talked him into it, we took a taxi which took about 20+ mins to get there.  Looking up at those buildings from the street was dizzying.

When we got there, we had to take three different elevators to get to that floor and there were security guards that guided us to these elevators.  The restaurant was quiet, pretty empty since it was in the middle of the week.  The way the building is designed as you can see on the picture (source: forumnyc.com) are these long windows.  These windows start from the floor up not your usual windows that usually from the waist up.  So, you can just stand right up to these windows with your body flat on the glass.   This is exactly what my BF did and he thought it was great and he said he felt like he was flying.   Now, me personally, who pressured him to go there, could not even get close to the windows because....I am afraid of heights!  It felt so scary for me just to get close to the window and tried to look down, I felt like I was going to fall....I just sat on the chairs by the windows.  I cannot imagine being in a building that high during a fire.

I've always loved looking out from the airplane window and seeing the Twin Towers...gave me goosebumps, because they were so beautiful.

I love NY city even in the coldest time of the year, Xmas.  My friend said it best, it is "large" but "quaint".  It has the most diverse group of people and we always meet a lot of friendly people.

"God Bless all the people whose lives were taken on that day."


Crystallized - Blinged - Bejeweled

 If you look at my Etsy jewelry, you can tell I like crystals, especially swarovski crystals.  So naturally I did some "crystallizing/blinging" like my iPod nano below.  I got a rubber cover on it first then painstakingly put the matching color crystals one by one with some crystal/gem glue and using an eyebrow tweezer.  Boy...doing this was hard on the eyes and hands - since I'm using small crystals - but I do love the results - anything you put crystals on makes it look like a MILLION BUCKS!  You see a lot of celebrities with their "blinged" accessories like their cellphones, laptops, etc.  I also started on pair of flip flops, but have not finished it yet - not sure when I want to get back into it.  I thought I would add something like these to my Etsy shop, but have not pursued this further as this is a very tedious job and hard on my eyes.  I can truly understand now why these crystallized sandals are so expensive online because of the work involved.  The crystallized pen below is not one I did -  and will not intend to do - it's beautiful though.     


Blogging Earrings on 4th of July

The reason I am inside on this 4th of July is because it is sooooo hot (mid-90s) right now - staying cool in my little corner and making beautiful earrings.

So, I have this order from a co-worker for the set of earrings I was wearing and she wanted a pair exactly like it.  Going through my swarovski crystal inventory and realized I have a pretty good supply and so I decided to make a variation of these earrings.  I also re-discovered my first bizcard, as you can see from this picture above, and decided the best way to show off dangling earrings (which I believe are back on trend) is this way.  I've also chatted with one local small boutique owner in town if she would sell my creations at her very cute store.  I actually have not shown her these earrings, I showed her one of my swarovski bracelet watches, which will complement these earrings.  The boutique owner would get 30% of the sale price (sounded reasonable to me).  Before I do this, I should also check out the other boutiques first - you want to make sure what they are selling also complements your jewelries or vice-versa.  By the way, these little boutiques I'm talking about are mostly selling high-end/small, highly-known designers clothings, etc. - stuff I can't afford myself - not now, anyway - I need to sell plenty of my gems first...


Classy and Glassy Pearls

Is it true Jackie O. wore glass pearls?  - overheard the guy on QVC say this.  Made these three necklaces for my three BFFs bday last year - yeah..they loved them!  So easy to make these, either by stringing or knotting.  Pearls can be worn either with your dressy outfits or casual jeans outfit - either way will make your look "very classy".  These are, of course, glass pearls (large 12mm).  Who can afford the real ones???  They certainly look like the real thing.  Since they are glass, they do have a little weight on them.


Tribal Trend for Spring '11

Here's my take on tribal jewelry.  The chunky stones are porcelain - they are very smooth to touch.  I like the shape of these stones, because they are a perfect set up for a necklace - they flow naturally around the neck.  I mixed them with faceted rondelle onyx beads.  You will certainly get a second look when you wear this necklace - it's not something you'll see at your local department stores.  Below is another tribal style necklace I made (see my earlier post on this one on 7/25/10 titled Puzzle Necklace).  Check out my Etsy shop for these necklaces!


Tourmaline - The King of Colors

Love, love, love tourmalines!  Look at the colors on these stones, you can wear this with any color outfit.  Was wondering why I don't have a lot of tourmaline stones except for these small ones...oh yeah, they are 'pricey' that's why.  Just do a search on Google Images for tourmaline jewelries - you'll see.  But aren't they beautiful?  Even these tiny ones did cost a bit when I got them at the gem show a while back.

Here is tourmaline in the raw, below - you can see the varied colors of the crystal.
"Tourmaline is believed to strengthened the body and spirit."


Lovers Heart

So February is here already...been busy cleaning out closets/pantry.  Since I also love to cook, it's hard to let go some of my cookbooks, Bon Appetit magazines which I've accumulated since I started cooking back in the early '80s; it takes time to go through them and tear out pages/recipes I wanna keep - there must be a better way.  Anyhow...since Valentines Day is coming up, went through my supplies for heart shaped items - I have quite a few - what girl doesn't like anything heart shaped.  Found the perfect beads to hang this romantic-looking heart pendant with these 'raw rubies'; they are round and faceted to bring out the sparkle and they are deep red color.  Stunning!  Not sure if my photo does justice, I took this picture late in the day (not much natural light).  Naturally, the clasp/toggle will also be heart shaped!


Ring in the New Year with Gold

Gold represents abundance & wealth.  Gold signifies growth and accumulation of wealth.  Buy yourself a "new" piece of gold jewelry for renewed energy.