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Aquamarine or Ice Glacier Blue

Here's a rough cut natural aquamarine stone before it's transformed into this beautiful faceted stone.  LOVE this stone....it is also my birthstone that is probably why my favorite color is also aqua - it reminds me of an ice glacier blue.

It's been awhile since I posted anything, my part-time job hours have increased lately.  I've been wanting to brag about these beautiful natural aquamarine gemstone beads below that I got from a local bead store.  They are so smooth and shiny.  Glad I bought them because I cannot find them online.

Just started seeing natural aquamarine gemstone at the gem shows, mostly rough cuts in different shapes, which I also bought - the aqua color is soft and the rough cut complements them.  The seller had them all laid out on one table and it was crowded at that table with gawkers & buyers.  Next time, I will have to take my camera to these gem shows - not sure if they'll let me take pictures though.  If you hear of a gem/bed show going on in your town, I highly recommend your attending even if you are not a jewelry maker or needing to buy any type of jewelry - although it will be very hard to pass up buying anything.  You will see all kinds of ready-made jewelries from artisans (prices ranges from cheap to very expensive), beads/gemstone suppliers, pearl, diamond dealers - you will be mesmerized with all the different gemstones and beads, silver, gold, and artisans with their own glass bead creations, etc.

I also used small/tiny aquamarine rondelles in between each stone for this necklace.  

This will have to be on my Etsy shop, even though I'd like to keep it.  Still looking for that special toggle to finish this off.

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