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I made this necklace and had it for a while in the back of my jewelry storage, and have been ignoring it.  Was not sure if I was going to undo it and make something else with these beads.  But since they are such a variety of color, it would be hard to mix them with other beads, so naturally, just keep it simple with the silver findings and silver toggle.  These gemstones are "agate", which is known to be the "mystical birthstone for September".  Agate comes in just about all colors you can think of.  These round shiny ones remind of marbles.  In fact, agate stone was used in earlier times to make 'marbles'.  And it is also found all over the world - that is probably why it is so colorful!  After taking this picture with the equally colorful background, I appreciate this simple necklace a lot more now. I like it so much now I use it on my twitter page background.

Agate is also known as "calming, healing stone".

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