" fab fashion "


Wedding Pearls

Look at these beautiful freshwater pearls.  These are potato-shaped pearls.  Although they remind me of corn kernels.  I get to make them for my niece's upcoming wedding next month.  I think they want something simple, single strand, but I'll probably make them some type of a double-strand with some crystal beads - I'll surprise them.  Me, personally, I would wear it this way as a multi-strand.


Classic Vintage Earrings

Another great vintage find.  Got these at a local vintage shop.  They look very similar to the ones by Joan Rivers'.  It's good to visit your vintage shop once in awhile for some great buys like these.  Vintage is big these days, especially upstyled vintage - I bet "upstyle" is not even in the dictionary - everything is being upstyled.  Personally, I'm not too comfortable on wearing used/previously owned items - I'm always wondering who the previous owner was...  On that note, I think I will 'upstyle' these earrings - I can add a gemstone dangle in the center.


Ring of Flower

These are carnelian flower shaped beads.  Carnelian has that multi-layer of color, so it adds more character to these flower shaped beads.  They are drilled in the middle, so you can even add a bead in the middle, like maybe a small round black bead, maybe onyx.  I don't have any now, I think I'll run down my local bead shop and get some.  So, I think this will be a bracelet for a friend's bday gift.  Keeping the flower theme and finish it with a Thai silver flower toggle.

Benefits of carnelian:  energy booster, protects from bad vibrations, guard against poverty, calms the temper, healing