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Wedding Theme

I'm still a beginner in photographing jewelries - boy, I could use a class on jewelry photography, it is not easy taking jewelry pictures, you think it would be because, after all, it is a jewelry which is already beautiful as it is.  I don't really have a professional set up at home, I mainly count on the right timing/daylight which seems to work best for me.  I have a pretty decent camera that I got last after-X'mas sale - Canon PowerShot SX20 - it didn't break the bank like a DSLR would.  Friends and family get really impressed when I take out this camera, because it looks professional compare to the small digital that everybody carries around in their purse - although these little digital cameras take great pictures - but the SX20 provides a little more artistic shots - if I can just learn all the complicated settings that it offers.  Tweaking pictures via Mac's iPhoto does help a lot.  I also use 'photobucket' for some fun features - and it's free!  Oh yeah, speaking of wedding themes, I have not got into making earrings lately, so I made these earrings just the other day.  My niece is getting married this year and just got a little inspired.  I do have some pearl beads to make for the bridesmaids too - will post them when I'm done.

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