" fab fashion "


Puzzle Necklace - Tribal Style Jewelry

I call this the puzzle necklace, because it was like putting a puzzle together stringing this.  These are coral stick beads which, I believe, have been dyed.  As you can see, not one is the same in shape/length.  They are reddish brown and light green.  I just tried to mix up the different lengths of the sticks next to each other.  You really can't go wrong since these coral sticks have so much personality just the way they are; and that's why I didn't try to mix any other beads with these.  These are not the endangered red corals, by the way.  You can really have fun wearing this necklace, it is certainly "a looker"!


Wedding Theme

I'm still a beginner in photographing jewelries - boy, I could use a class on jewelry photography, it is not easy taking jewelry pictures, you think it would be because, after all, it is a jewelry which is already beautiful as it is.  I don't really have a professional set up at home, I mainly count on the right timing/daylight which seems to work best for me.  I have a pretty decent camera that I got last after-X'mas sale - Canon PowerShot SX20 - it didn't break the bank like a DSLR would.  Friends and family get really impressed when I take out this camera, because it looks professional compare to the small digital that everybody carries around in their purse - although these little digital cameras take great pictures - but the SX20 provides a little more artistic shots - if I can just learn all the complicated settings that it offers.  Tweaking pictures via Mac's iPhoto does help a lot.  I also use 'photobucket' for some fun features - and it's free!  Oh yeah, speaking of wedding themes, I have not got into making earrings lately, so I made these earrings just the other day.  My niece is getting married this year and just got a little inspired.  I do have some pearl beads to make for the bridesmaids too - will post them when I'm done.


Bracelet Marathon & a Cherry Tart

Happy 4th of July everybody - be proud of our country, no matter what's going on...

I started out with one bracelet, ended up with five, still have to finish the other ones.  I was up late, as usual, until 1:00 am last night... going over my gemstone supplies and stuff and ended up putting these together - I was on a roll.  There are days when I just can't get my juices going, that's when you take aside and leave your workplace and clear out your head, so I laid out on the balcony for awhile.  Then it was dinner time, babyback pork ribs on the grill - they were delicious!  After dinner is when I started this bracelet-making marathon.  Pretty happy with the result.
Going over to friend's house for bbq tonite - of course, I have to bring some type of dessert.  Picked up fresh cherries at the farmer's market this morning, pitted them (yes, I have a cherry pitter - my friends think I'm crazy for doing this - told them "it is worth it")...you get on a roll with that cherry pitter, it works great.  I am it the kitchen now, smelling the "cherry almond tart" in the oven - it is 97 degrees outside, I am looking out the kitchen window at the people in the pool - no, I'm not jealous of them, I have my cherry tart and my beautiful bracelets... and someone else is cooking dinner tonite!