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Color Coincidence...Neon Pink

My latest nail polish find at a little beauty store that I've never been to actually matched the same color of these vintage enameled brooch/earring set that I found at a little vintage shop that I've never been to either...things that make you say "hhhmm??"  My friends would never think of me in these colors, they know I'm into aqua/blue colors (as you can see on my blog), well...I do like "fuchsia" (who doesn't).  Anyways...I walk into this very tiny vintage shop in town that I found on my GPS; asked the lady if she has anything 'enameled flower' jewelries - because these are hot right now, they are always snapped up fast on eBay.  She then takes out these set of very bright pink/orange set (they are actually brighter than what my photo is showing), like she was hiding them under her counter - does she know these are hot items?  I won't tell you how much she charged me, because you'd be jealous.  Told her these are trendy now and that I would 'upstyle' them.  She asked me to come back and show her what I come up with.  So...I am challenged...

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