" fab fashion "


Leather & Gemstones

I like using colorful leather cords with gemstones.  I was excited when I saw the supply of leather cord that now comes in all the colors you can think of - I make sure the supplier uses a dye-free paint.  The leather cord also provides good support to bigger, heavier stones such as these large turquoise and these large onyx round stones.  These pieces have some weight on them, but the leather, I think, is comfortable on the skin/neck rather than a metal or chain.  I just kept the cord all around without putting any clasp or toggle - certainly has a cleaner  look - and easy and quick to put on!


Color Coincidence...Neon Pink

My latest nail polish find at a little beauty store that I've never been to actually matched the same color of these vintage enameled brooch/earring set that I found at a little vintage shop that I've never been to either...things that make you say "hhhmm??"  My friends would never think of me in these colors, they know I'm into aqua/blue colors (as you can see on my blog), well...I do like "fuchsia" (who doesn't).  Anyways...I walk into this very tiny vintage shop in town that I found on my GPS; asked the lady if she has anything 'enameled flower' jewelries - because these are hot right now, they are always snapped up fast on eBay.  She then takes out these set of very bright pink/orange set (they are actually brighter than what my photo is showing), like she was hiding them under her counter - does she know these are hot items?  I won't tell you how much she charged me, because you'd be jealous.  Told her these are trendy now and that I would 'upstyle' them.  She asked me to come back and show her what I come up with.  So...I am challenged...


LOVE what you do...

I just got these from a local vintage store down the street. Reminded me of the '70s. Can't wait to make something out of these.

Cat Lover

My cat, MacKenzie, fell asleep after playing with his old toy next to him...cats love to sleep in the sun...LUV him...

My New Creations - Jewel Embellished Handbags

My sister gave me a clutch bag with gemstones with an outrageous price tag. I guess because it was made of aligator skin. I went to this designer's website and saw more of the outrageous priced handbags embellished with gemstones...so, of course, I had to create my own jeweled handbag.
This is my first creation. Seems like 'clutch' bags have been revived in the last 2 years or so. I like clutch bags but I never liked the chinsy chain that came with it - seems like the same chain is used on all these clutch bags. So, I ordered a small supply of these handbags. They are well made and are sturdy and they come in all colors and some with color combinations. What do you think? These are on my Etsy shop: www.yourfabjewels.etsy.com