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Bracelet for BFF

Aahhh...I have the next 5 days off... BF just left to meet a friend, have the whole place to myself.  Actually it's just me and my cat - he's all curled up on the warm chair - he'll be in this position all day long!  Today I plan to bake something w/pumpkin, list some eBay items, make some jewelries for Etsy, then cook fried rice and pot stickers for dinner for the cooler weather.

So, I just wanted to show off this bracelet that I made for one of my BFFs, she's got two adorable, beautiful girls named Ava and Olivia.  I used vermeil gold, which I love to use.  Hey...I want one of these bracelets for me - I can put my cat's name?


Aquamarine or Ice Glacier Blue

Here's a rough cut natural aquamarine stone before it's transformed into this beautiful faceted stone.  LOVE this stone....it is also my birthstone that is probably why my favorite color is also aqua - it reminds me of an ice glacier blue.

It's been awhile since I posted anything, my part-time job hours have increased lately.  I've been wanting to brag about these beautiful natural aquamarine gemstone beads below that I got from a local bead store.  They are so smooth and shiny.  Glad I bought them because I cannot find them online.

Just started seeing natural aquamarine gemstone at the gem shows, mostly rough cuts in different shapes, which I also bought - the aqua color is soft and the rough cut complements them.  The seller had them all laid out on one table and it was crowded at that table with gawkers & buyers.  Next time, I will have to take my camera to these gem shows - not sure if they'll let me take pictures though.  If you hear of a gem/bed show going on in your town, I highly recommend your attending even if you are not a jewelry maker or needing to buy any type of jewelry - although it will be very hard to pass up buying anything.  You will see all kinds of ready-made jewelries from artisans (prices ranges from cheap to very expensive), beads/gemstone suppliers, pearl, diamond dealers - you will be mesmerized with all the different gemstones and beads, silver, gold, and artisans with their own glass bead creations, etc.

I also used small/tiny aquamarine rondelles in between each stone for this necklace.  

This will have to be on my Etsy shop, even though I'd like to keep it.  Still looking for that special toggle to finish this off.


Almost Emerald

These are not emeralds but they are exact same color as raw emeralds.  These are raw 'chrome diopside' faceted rondelles.  When I first saw them at the gem/bead show I thought they were emeralds, couldn't put 'em down, this green deep beautiful color mesmerized me.  If you see a polished diopside stone you'd think it was an emerald.  Of course, they are not as expensive as emeralds, but not as cheap either.  Heard they are the newest trend in jewelries now...it's the next "peridot" (which is no. 1 as the most famous in green colored jewelries).


Jewels for the Bridesmaids

The beautiful wedding for my niece was yesterday, it was perfect weather despite what the weather news said.  It was quaint even with both parties' large families & friends.  So, I did have fun making these jewelries for the beautiful bridesmaids.  The main color was light yellow with some light green then contrasted with black.  These green pearls are Czech glass pearls and the yellow ones are freshwater pearls,  equally beautiful and shiny.  Everybody had a great time at the wedding, I'm sure there will be another before you know it.  On that note, I think I will dabble more on making bridal jewelries.


Color My World

I made this necklace and had it for a while in the back of my jewelry storage, and have been ignoring it.  Was not sure if I was going to undo it and make something else with these beads.  But since they are such a variety of color, it would be hard to mix them with other beads, so naturally, just keep it simple with the silver findings and silver toggle.  These gemstones are "agate", which is known to be the "mystical birthstone for September".  Agate comes in just about all colors you can think of.  These round shiny ones remind of marbles.  In fact, agate stone was used in earlier times to make 'marbles'.  And it is also found all over the world - that is probably why it is so colorful!  After taking this picture with the equally colorful background, I appreciate this simple necklace a lot more now. I like it so much now I use it on my twitter page background.

Agate is also known as "calming, healing stone".


Wedding Pearls

Look at these beautiful freshwater pearls.  These are potato-shaped pearls.  Although they remind me of corn kernels.  I get to make them for my niece's upcoming wedding next month.  I think they want something simple, single strand, but I'll probably make them some type of a double-strand with some crystal beads - I'll surprise them.  Me, personally, I would wear it this way as a multi-strand.


Classic Vintage Earrings

Another great vintage find.  Got these at a local vintage shop.  They look very similar to the ones by Joan Rivers'.  It's good to visit your vintage shop once in awhile for some great buys like these.  Vintage is big these days, especially upstyled vintage - I bet "upstyle" is not even in the dictionary - everything is being upstyled.  Personally, I'm not too comfortable on wearing used/previously owned items - I'm always wondering who the previous owner was...  On that note, I think I will 'upstyle' these earrings - I can add a gemstone dangle in the center.


Ring of Flower

These are carnelian flower shaped beads.  Carnelian has that multi-layer of color, so it adds more character to these flower shaped beads.  They are drilled in the middle, so you can even add a bead in the middle, like maybe a small round black bead, maybe onyx.  I don't have any now, I think I'll run down my local bead shop and get some.  So, I think this will be a bracelet for a friend's bday gift.  Keeping the flower theme and finish it with a Thai silver flower toggle.

Benefits of carnelian:  energy booster, protects from bad vibrations, guard against poverty, calms the temper, healing


Puzzle Necklace - Tribal Style Jewelry

I call this the puzzle necklace, because it was like putting a puzzle together stringing this.  These are coral stick beads which, I believe, have been dyed.  As you can see, not one is the same in shape/length.  They are reddish brown and light green.  I just tried to mix up the different lengths of the sticks next to each other.  You really can't go wrong since these coral sticks have so much personality just the way they are; and that's why I didn't try to mix any other beads with these.  These are not the endangered red corals, by the way.  You can really have fun wearing this necklace, it is certainly "a looker"!


Wedding Theme

I'm still a beginner in photographing jewelries - boy, I could use a class on jewelry photography, it is not easy taking jewelry pictures, you think it would be because, after all, it is a jewelry which is already beautiful as it is.  I don't really have a professional set up at home, I mainly count on the right timing/daylight which seems to work best for me.  I have a pretty decent camera that I got last after-X'mas sale - Canon PowerShot SX20 - it didn't break the bank like a DSLR would.  Friends and family get really impressed when I take out this camera, because it looks professional compare to the small digital that everybody carries around in their purse - although these little digital cameras take great pictures - but the SX20 provides a little more artistic shots - if I can just learn all the complicated settings that it offers.  Tweaking pictures via Mac's iPhoto does help a lot.  I also use 'photobucket' for some fun features - and it's free!  Oh yeah, speaking of wedding themes, I have not got into making earrings lately, so I made these earrings just the other day.  My niece is getting married this year and just got a little inspired.  I do have some pearl beads to make for the bridesmaids too - will post them when I'm done.


Bracelet Marathon & a Cherry Tart

Happy 4th of July everybody - be proud of our country, no matter what's going on...

I started out with one bracelet, ended up with five, still have to finish the other ones.  I was up late, as usual, until 1:00 am last night... going over my gemstone supplies and stuff and ended up putting these together - I was on a roll.  There are days when I just can't get my juices going, that's when you take aside and leave your workplace and clear out your head, so I laid out on the balcony for awhile.  Then it was dinner time, babyback pork ribs on the grill - they were delicious!  After dinner is when I started this bracelet-making marathon.  Pretty happy with the result.
Going over to friend's house for bbq tonite - of course, I have to bring some type of dessert.  Picked up fresh cherries at the farmer's market this morning, pitted them (yes, I have a cherry pitter - my friends think I'm crazy for doing this - told them "it is worth it")...you get on a roll with that cherry pitter, it works great.  I am it the kitchen now, smelling the "cherry almond tart" in the oven - it is 97 degrees outside, I am looking out the kitchen window at the people in the pool - no, I'm not jealous of them, I have my cherry tart and my beautiful bracelets... and someone else is cooking dinner tonite!


Leather & Gemstones

I like using colorful leather cords with gemstones.  I was excited when I saw the supply of leather cord that now comes in all the colors you can think of - I make sure the supplier uses a dye-free paint.  The leather cord also provides good support to bigger, heavier stones such as these large turquoise and these large onyx round stones.  These pieces have some weight on them, but the leather, I think, is comfortable on the skin/neck rather than a metal or chain.  I just kept the cord all around without putting any clasp or toggle - certainly has a cleaner  look - and easy and quick to put on!


Color Coincidence...Neon Pink

My latest nail polish find at a little beauty store that I've never been to actually matched the same color of these vintage enameled brooch/earring set that I found at a little vintage shop that I've never been to either...things that make you say "hhhmm??"  My friends would never think of me in these colors, they know I'm into aqua/blue colors (as you can see on my blog), well...I do like "fuchsia" (who doesn't).  Anyways...I walk into this very tiny vintage shop in town that I found on my GPS; asked the lady if she has anything 'enameled flower' jewelries - because these are hot right now, they are always snapped up fast on eBay.  She then takes out these set of very bright pink/orange set (they are actually brighter than what my photo is showing), like she was hiding them under her counter - does she know these are hot items?  I won't tell you how much she charged me, because you'd be jealous.  Told her these are trendy now and that I would 'upstyle' them.  She asked me to come back and show her what I come up with.  So...I am challenged...


LOVE what you do...

I just got these from a local vintage store down the street. Reminded me of the '70s. Can't wait to make something out of these.

Cat Lover

My cat, MacKenzie, fell asleep after playing with his old toy next to him...cats love to sleep in the sun...LUV him...

My New Creations - Jewel Embellished Handbags

My sister gave me a clutch bag with gemstones with an outrageous price tag. I guess because it was made of aligator skin. I went to this designer's website and saw more of the outrageous priced handbags embellished with gemstones...so, of course, I had to create my own jeweled handbag.
This is my first creation. Seems like 'clutch' bags have been revived in the last 2 years or so. I like clutch bags but I never liked the chinsy chain that came with it - seems like the same chain is used on all these clutch bags. So, I ordered a small supply of these handbags. They are well made and are sturdy and they come in all colors and some with color combinations. What do you think? These are on my Etsy shop: www.yourfabjewels.etsy.com